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The Running for Real Podcast

Sep 21, 2018

Host and founder of the UltraRunnerPodcast, Eric Schranz has run everything from a beer mile to 200 mile races and says he loves every distance and race. He is a stay at home dad and lives with his wife and 2 kids in Northern CA. Beer is a common thread on his shows, which include craft beer reviews.

Our conversation focuses on how to develop a love of the outdoors and building a passion in our children without pushing them too hard. And never using running or sport as a punishment. We also cover the balance between running with our kids and building our relationship with them, with wanting and needing to get in our own training for both our fitness and our time to decompress. If you have kids or spend time thinking about balance in your life, you will enjoy this discussion.

Today’s Guest

Eric Schranz, Ultra Runner and Podcast host has run the 2013 Bryce 100 mile race but had to pass at an opportunity to run Western States and instead ran 100 laps of a local park while he awaited the birth of his first daughter. Schranz started the Ultrarunningpodcast as a hobby with three friends, never expecting it to take off and make him one of the best known voices of Ultrarunning.

What you will learn about:

  • What to do with leftover spinach in your fridge before it gets slimy.
  • How he felt nervous interviewing Ann Trason (greatest female ultrarunner) when she returned to the Ultrarunning scene but mostly he feels he is just having a conversation with all the people you are standing next to in the porta-potty line. Interviewing and knowing some of those at “the top” are just normal people and they have the same issues we all have. They are just people who happen to be really good at a sport.
  • How he has had to learn to check his own competitiveness and stubbornness in order to not influence his kids so as to let them develop their own interests and drives. I am trying to impart a love of running and being outdoors to them but then to let them develop their own interests.
  • How he wrote an article about his daughter Sunny and her competitive drive and how she likes to do things that are hard. She ran the Broken Arrow Sky Race 10k recently at 8 yrs old, with Ladia Albertson-Junkans as her coach on the run. Sky races have unusual distances and elevation requirements. Ladia ran the 52k the day before but agreed as a favor to run along with Sunny to coach her along and be sure she was safe.
  • How he has learned from Sunny about how to run naturally and with near perfect form as only kids just naturally can do.
  • The nice thing about the Ultrarunning community is that volunteerism is a strong value and an important one to teach our kids (and ourselves), seeing others out there struggling and persevering/carrying on.
  • How we don’t encourage kids to take up running as a sport and something they can do for a lifetime.


Inspirational Quotes:

Don’t get hurt or your mom will kill you (and then me).

We only have so many days and months left in our lives and you gotta make that time count. And doing it with my kids is so much more worthwhile than doing it on my own.


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