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The Running for Real Podcast

May 18, 2018

Today’s interview with Susan Lacke is a bit unusual because, while I prepared all the questions, they were sent to Susan in advance and read to her by someone else in a recording studio.  Why you ask?  Because Susan is deaf, which provided some logistical issues for us.  Despite those, this is a completely different and delightful interview.

Running has reminded Susan that she is not perfect and not the best, both lessons she believes are important for her perfectionist self.  It gives her an outlet and reminder to always be her true and honest self not some view of who she should be.

Her friend Carlos, who inspired the title of her book believed in her and that she could change from an overweight smoker and inspired her to get busy and get on with changing her life.  Carlos managed to change her mind from thinking exercisers were a cult that was not something she wanted to belong to.  He made her realize that it was herself she was afraid of.  It made her realize that if he was so willing to fight cancer, she was determined to stick by his side with anything he needed from her.

I do want to give you a small heads up that this episode contains some colorful language that might not be suitable for small children so you may wish to find a solo time or listen with headphones.

Today’s Guest

Susan Lacke is a writer for several running and outdoors publications, including Women’s Running, Success, Competitor and Triathlete.  She is the author of “Life’s Too Short to go So F*cking Slow”.

What you will learn about:

  • How Susan got involved with running and IronMan competitions
  • How her experiences have translated into her writing and trying to make others believe they also could do it
  • How Susan’s parents instilled in her a sense of self reliance
  • How her friend Carlos’ life and struggle with cancer inspired her to write a book so that she could remember him.
  • How the struggles in training bring out the vulnerable side of us and in some ways the worst of us, so it allows us to open up.  Because our training partners have already seen us at our worst.

Inspirational Quotes:

Be the best you can be with what you have.

It is the people in your life who will inspire you to change; the sports don’t change you, the people do.

The pain is the best part, because it lets you know you are alive.


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