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The Running for Real Podcast

Mar 30, 2018

I am officially a mother runner, and after a three month hiatus from recording the Running for Real podcast, it is time to update you on how my life has changed since my daughter Bailey was brought into this world.

Hear about the ups and downs of life with a newborn, how my return to running has progressed since I was...

Mar 23, 2018

In this episode, we shift our focus from the runner to the person behind the scenes, the runner’s coach.

We discuss the unseen process of coaching.

Dave explains the difference between outcome focused vs process focused training.

He gives examples of soft skills coaches can use with their athletes to draw the best out...

Mar 16, 2018

We get to meet the best of the best. The professionals. The scientists. The psychologists. All the experts, motivational, inspirational, driven runners we could ever want to learn from. But what about those everyday runners. You know, the ones like you and I. The ones who are out there at 5am getting their runs in...

Mar 9, 2018

Role models are often people you see from afar and only hope to meet.  In this episode I meet and talk with my role model, Kara Goucher, and see the real and vulnerable side of her.

This episode is for runners, mother runners, and those who know a mother runner.

We dive right into running and motherhood.  Kara...

Mar 2, 2018

This episode shifts us to the science behind running, and beetroot.  Beetroot?  You heard that right.  After listening, you just may want to put it on your next shopping list.

We begin by talking about his running records held at an early age and how his running led him to become obsessed with the physiology of distance...