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The Running for Real Podcast

Mar 16, 2018

We get to meet the best of the best. The professionals. The scientists. The psychologists. All the experts, motivational, inspirational, driven runners we could ever want to learn from. But what about those everyday runners. You know, the ones like you and I. The ones who are out there at 5am getting their runs in before the kids wake up, or the ones who are not up at the front of the pack.

That is who I have on today. Runners from our community, talking about their running experiences and what running has taught them. Just because they are not professionals, doesnt mean their stories aren't interesting, in fact, in some ways, everyday runners deserve more credit for finding the time when it would be easy to find an excuse.

The Running for Real Community has become a wonderful place to hang out, get to know other runners, be inspired by other runners, and just feel at home. Today you get to meet some of the most recognizable names, and have a little fun.

Today's Guests

  • Eddie Valen
  • Peg DeBiasi
  • David Skytte
  • Sarah Williarty
  • Pete Davy
  • Lauren Stern-Kalamar