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The Running for Real Podcast

Jan 26, 2018

If you are looking for a unique episode, this is it.  It is about social change.

This episode is for anyone who may have an alcohol or drug problem or feel socially isolated.

Richie gets into the positive physical and health benefits running can do for us.  He elaborates on this by explaining the positive social aspects...

Jan 19, 2018

Camille Herron let’s the magic come out in this high-energy interview as she likes to do in every race she runs.

Ultra-distance running is gaining popularity. This episode is for you if you want to learn great strategies for improving your ultra races and how to recover faster afterwards.

Camille takes us through her...

Jan 12, 2018

Running has been known to change us physically and mentally.  It is also able to change us emotionally through empowering us by building our self-confidence.  After listening to this episode with Bhumika Patel, you will see what I mean.

Bhumika takes us through her journey from thinking it was impossible to run to...

Jan 5, 2018

In this interview we hear from Mo’ath Alkhawaldeh from Jordan, who shares a different story compared to my other episodes.

Starting with his first 10k in Beirut, Mo takes us through his running journey sharing running-for- real stories of races and people he has met along the way. He tells us about the advice...