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The Running for Real Podcast

May 31, 2019

It has been a few years since my husband Steve was on the show, and a lot has changed since I last brought him on.

Rather than him and I just talk about our lives, we thought we would pass it over to you to ask your questions. We answered almost all of them, and I hope you enjoy getting to know Steve better.

Here are the questions we answered (not in the order we answered them).

Advice for tapering-Elzedomaityte

Any awkwardness/insight/challenges that come from having your spouse coach you?-Sara

Tell us about airport tina-alissmarie

What does it feel like to have a famous and awesome wife?-Erin

Do you structure cross training for injured athletes or is it up to them? Jen

How are you enjoying being a father and what are you excited about experiencing with bailey? - cfluffy

Do you lose benefit when you spilt your easy runs up into a morning and afternoon. (Easy runs are normally 6 to 7 miles).- Bridgett Hughes

Why are my 10K and half marathon race paces the same and how do I fix this?- Alex Myroon

How do you manage the balance between husband/wife relationship and running relationship? My boyfriend and I are both runners and have about the Same level and amount of experience, but sometimes it’s hard to see when we just need to support the other with running without butting in and giving advice and when a little bit of pushing with running is appropriate- Bridget Wiberg

What is it like to coach your wife? What do you do if she disagrees with the plan? How do you separate running life from family life? - Kenneth E. Johnson

Do you think runners can truly get accustomed to and excel in hot/humid weather, or are we doomed to have a rough experience every time Mother Nature brings summer fury? Asking as a Florida runner...any tips for this are appreciated, too! -Katy Pierce Cook

What differences do you find between coaching college athletes and elites(Tina) or recreational athletes? What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?- Mike Capka

How do you balance/decide when a fatigued runner needs a day off or should run threw the fatigue? How do you decide when to scrap a workout or drop it down to an easy effort run?- Mike Capka

How do you find the right balance when building a training plan for someone you are coaching? Are there staples you always put in?- Virginie Serre

Have you considered training plans that are less than 40mpw?- Lucy Eichenwald

What do you think about doing speed works/repeats on a treadmill vs road. How do they compare? -Judy Sherman

How much running does Steve do? Does he have a future goal race in mind? Have you two ever raced each other? -Ashton Swinford

If you are training to improve your times, when is training for a marathon “good enough” and when should you postpone your goal race to the next season? This season I’ve been sidelined 2x for 2-3 weeks. The first time totally off those weeks, the second time reduced mileage by 25% and didn’t do workouts. Definitely only feel like I did 75-80% of what would be ideal training. For other races I think this is maybe OK but possibly not for marathon?- Emily Hass Ryan

Has becoming a father to beautiful bailey changed your coaching philosophy? Liz Ansley 

Thoughts on managing expectations and knowing when your goals are unrealistic. -Karen Scobie

What are your three pieces of advice for a successful relationship?-Alon Metser

Any hacks to speed up your learning curve for the effort scale (it took me most of the first training segment to get comfortable with it, but I might just be a slow learner). 

Why are there such relatively long runs in the taper? -David Skytte

After your personal experience racing Boston #NoWatchMe, do you or Steve have any new advice or insights about marathon race strategy that might help keep one feeling good throughout most of the race? -Ashton Swinford


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