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The Running for Real Podcast

Apr 16, 2021

Zoë is a writer, journalist, environmental advocate, and runner. She has been an associate editor at Trail Runner Magazine for two years and she finds joy in being like a mechanic for other people’s writing. “It’s kind of a dream job because you get to tinker with other people's sometimes far superior engines and learn how to like better build your own,” she shared. Zoe fell in love with trail running, climbing and mountaineering while living in Boulder while attending the University of Colorado. She also writes, produces and hosts the DNF Podcast.
“I'm here to challenge myself. I'm here to challenge our culture, I'm here to challenge the media. I'm here to challenge trail running because I fully believe it can be this amazing, inclusive, wonderful place that I sometimes see glimmers of and then it's just not all the way there.” Zoë Rom
In this episode we cover…
  • The parallels between writing and running. The discipline behind both. [11:00]
  • Helping push along the running industry in a direction that  is more representative of what the sport is and what the sport wants to be. [23:00]
  • “I love trying to find people who have been overlooked by or straight up passed over by our industry and try to bring their specific stories and voices to prominence by just, you know, either giving them a platform and like helping streamline their writing.” [33:00]
  • Shared about how we can move toward setting aside our insecurities and egos and listening to other people's stories. Journalism is amazing and impactful but what Zoë does is write less about like facts more about raw stories from experiences. “Facts never change anyone’s mind, but it’s very hard to discount other humans lived experiences.”[49:00]
Resources + People mentioned 
Zoë’s Instagram 
Zoë’s Website 
DNF Podcast
“Beating the Boys” article 

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