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The Running for Real Podcast

Feb 23, 2018

I have been fortunate to have so many guests on the podcast who have been willing to be very open, honest, and vulnerable.  Kim Jones is another one who belongs in this group.

Kim describes how she became a marathon runner and the person who influenced and inspired her early in her running career.

She explains the natural slow progression she took that got her to her 2:26 marathon.

Kim becomes vulnerable and shares the challenges she endured growing up, and how these times of mental anguish helped her to be able to push through bad moments in races.

She shares her situation and feelings about giving her daughter up for adoption and their relationship that developed later on.

She talks about her autobiography, Dandelion Growing Wild.

She tells a running for real story about a Boston Marathon race that involved a racer in a wheelchair, a PR, and a surprise finish.

Today's Guest

Kim Jones

Kim Jones is a woman who wears many hats.  She is a 2:26 marathoner.  She authored her autobiography Dandelions Grow Wild.  She currently coaches Olympic level to beginners at Anaerobic Management.

What You Will Learn About

  • Who Kim was inspired by that led her to begin running marathons.
  • How Benji Durden became Kim’s coach.
  • How running gave her the courage and strength to change her life.
  • How she feels when she re-reads her autobiography.
  • Why she includes wine in her weight lifting sessions.
  • What kept Kim coming back to running in spite of all the mental anguish she had in life.

Inspirational Quotes

It is really helpful to look up to somebody.  I think the elite runners are more attainable.  You can reach them, you know, go on facebook or twitter and contact the elite runners.

I wasn’t afraid of failure.  And I think that was what helped me more than anything else.

The more you worry, you know, the less, umm, prepared you are to run a mentally strong race.

Resources Mentioned

Last week's interview with Kirrily Dear

Dandelion Growing Wild: A triumphant journey over astounding odds by American marathon champion Kim Jones

Kim's coaching website

Runners World Article on Kim

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