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The Running for Real Podcast

Sep 3, 2021


In this episode we talk about:

Jon’s experience running for Georgetown University and turning professional

Why you may not need a coach, but it’s beneficial to get feedback from someone who’s knowledgeable about running

Jon’s philosophy of coaching and how he and Molly Seidel work together

The buildup to the Olympic marathon trials in Atlanta and Jon’s experience there

The impact of the Olympics’ postponement on Molly’s performance

What it was like for Jon to watch Molly medal at the Olympics and the preparation he luckily made

Jon and Molly’s future racing plans

Jon’s role as the head coach at Atalanta NYC

“The results will come if you just kind of constantly listen to your body, and then also relying on friends or mentors within the sport. Yeah, if you're looking to succeed, I think that's a recipe for success there.” - Jon Green


Atalanta NYC's website

Jon's Instagram

Ben Rosario’s video of Jon at the Olympics

Molly’s Olympic marathon finish (jump to 3:35)

Tina's interview with Mary Cain

And in case you were wondering about Jon’s ZZ plant…


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