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The Running for Real Podcast

Apr 14, 2017

James Dunne of Kinetic Revolution is a sports rehabilitation therapist who is on a mission to prove that runners stop getting injured and improve performance, IF we focus on the right types of training for our bodies.

James looks at what runners can change in running technique to take stress and strain off areas that have been injured in the past from being overworked.

In this episode we talk about how to figure out what you need to strengthen to get your body in the correct position from a stability standpoint to make sure you stop over stressing your body...which leads to injuries.

If you do not live in an area with access to a specialist like James, he gives suggestions on how you can look elsewhere and find someone who can help you.

We discuss how to fit in your strength and stability work around your hard workouts and how to back off correctly as you taper for your big race.

The biggest thing I learned was about the difference between runners who need to work on flexibility compared to the runners who need to work on stability. There is a difference, and it is not as simple as stretching being bad or good for us, as it really depends on the runner.

Do you have too much flexibility that might be hindering your running? If you have a big range of motion, you do not need to stretch as much, but instead focus on controlling the range of motion that you have.

If you have very little flexibility, you need to stretch regularly to maintain hip mobility, to maintain the poor range of motion. You have less instability, and so stability is less important than stretching.

If you keep getting injured or feel completely overwhelmed with all the information out there about strength, stability, and flexibility, this episode will finally break it down for based of what you need as a runner.

Today's Guest

James Dunne

James is a Sports Rehab Therapist and Running Coach who is fascinated by human movement patterns, and how they can be refined for both performance and injury rehabilitation.

What You Will Learn About

  • James worked alongside Mo Farah in University.
  • Why there is no need to force your running form to change if you are not having injuries or problems.
  • How to use video analysis with screening exercises to understand what issues are causing your overworked areas.
  • How to find an expert to help you if you do not live in an area with access to a gait analysis.
  • The difference between strength and stability, and how we can figure out which one is holding us back.
  • How to handle your strength training during taper time and what you should focus on as the race gets close.
  • Why too much flexibility might be hindering your running.

Inspirational Quotes

If you can get injured less, and train more consistently, the performance will come from there.

Technique is an expression of the way your body is currently put together.

Runners need to get good at moving our own body weight efficiently, effectively and quickly. The important thing for us is to be able to control that body weight.

Remember, you can get all the strength, stability, and supplemental work nailed down from the best program with the best technique and the best program, but if your training plan is off and you are making fundamental training errors, you will get injured.

Resources Mentioned