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The Running for Real Podcast

Jul 28, 2017

If you saw Bonnie Kelly on the streets, you would never imagine how her story began. Bonnie is a true example of not allowing your misfortunes and struggles to hold you back.

Her powerful story will have you sucked in the entire time, and you will learn about the personal and emotional responsibility she had to take for her abusive past.

Bonnie gets very real with us (it is running for real after all), and she gives fantastic advice about how to change your thinking if you feel like you are not enough, you feel insecure, you feel like you don't fit in, don't matter, or don't belong...doesnt that hit the entire population? ;)

I absolutely love the way Bonnie uses analogies to really show just how negative we actually are, and how much we want to sabotage ourselves. This episode will help you figure out where you judged yourself when you shouldn't, and will help you loosen the grip around those thoughts that make you feel useless and not good enough.

This is a powerful episode, and I know you are going to love it. This can make a huge difference to our running, and in a world where all we see is the set up snapshots of others lives, this will go a long way to making you see that you ARE enough!

This podcast episode is for you if you want to improve your mental toughness, belief in yourself, and strength.

Today's Guest

Bonnie Kelly

A motivational speaker, author of True to Your Core, and mental coach. Bonnie is helping you get out of your way, so you can get on with your life!

What You Will Learn About

  • Bonnie's story of abuse and a troubled childhood and how she turned her life around
  • Why we do so well at resolutions or challenges, but fail to keep them up afterwards
  • Why your brain is essentially full of programs and apps that sometimes become outdated and need removing or updating
  • How our identity and self-worth is tied to our beliefs, and what we can do to change it to believe in who we are
  • Why our brains are always going to assume the worst (unless we focus on changing those habits)

Inspirational Quotes

Every single person you meet has a background, history, but what is often hard to imagine is the extent of that persons history.

The first thing I would recommend for anybody to do is to sit down and spend some time reflecting. Figure out not only what's your problem, what is it? Are you struggling with consistency, motivation, laziness, procrastination? What is it? Recognize that whatever that is, it is a result, that is the end thing. Now we need to reflect inwards; what do I think, feel, and believe that is contributing to this result.

Your mental and emotional wellbeing is like a mental and emotional garden, and if you have been neglecting that garden for years and years, what is present in there? A bunch of weeds. You have all these weeds in your garden, and if you took a weed whacker to it, are you gonna get what you want? We have to recognize that instant gratification, if you took a weed whacker to issues, is that you feel good for a second, it looks good for a moment, but it is not going to be sustainable. Those weeds are going to grow back stronger and faster. We have to be willing to do the work, to have a clean garden, and then all you have to do is maintenance. 

These experiences are shaping your mind and what impact they are having in your brain, and showing how that is showing up in your every day life. I am going to give you a blueprint, to teach you how to be able to not only identify, but untangle and replace these things in our minds.

When we can untangle the story, the belief has no power.

72% of all parents expect teachers to teach self-esteem. 72% of all teachers, expect parents to teach self-esteem. We have this constant deflection of where we learn to love and appreciate ourselves being placed on other people. When no one is there to lead that way, where are our children learning self-worth and self-esteem? Media. 

Our biggest issue is our perception of what we should be. When we begin to start appreciating ourselves, then we can begin to love and appreciate the perfectly imperfectness. You are flawed and beautiful. You are going to fail, and we embrace that failure with open arms and an open mind, recognizing that that's an opportunity for you to grow.

Your brain is your best ally, and also your worst enemy if you don't know how to use it.

We have to learn to reason with our mind.

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