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The Running for Real Podcast

Dec 8, 2017

A split episode of the running podcast for runner safety and gift ideas for Christmas and Holiday celebrations.

The first half of this show we talk to founder of Run Angel, David Caren. I was always one of those runners who thought I was invincible, It would never happen to me. Thankfully, it didn't, but it could have, easily. Run Angel is a simple product that has the ability to save lives through the powerful alarm as loud as a rock concert it sends through the click of one button, while sending your "guardians" an SMS and email that you have triggered your alarm.

David tells us more about safety for runners, and this is extremely important (more than we realize) even beyond attacks, but also as we try to seek out more tranquil, peaceful moments away from our busy lives, this device could save your life.

Run Angel also features on the second half of the show, as one of the gift ideas for runners in 2017. I give over 25 of my favorite running products that I recommend you put on your list (or get for the runner in your life).

The first half is the same as a regular episode, and the second half is more conversational between you and I. Be sure to visit the gift ideas blog post associated with this to have further information and coupons for the products mentioned today.

Today's episode is for you if you ever run alone, especially out in remote places or during dark hours. If you are looking for present ideas for yourself or other runners this Christmas, this runner ideas special will have all you need.

Today's Guest

David Caren

Founder of Run Angel, a safety product created in Cork, Ireland for runners to wear to have that peace of mind that they will be found if something goes wrong.


Products Mentioned in the Gift Guide

Feetures socks

Elliptigo 8C

Run Angel

Generation UCAN bars Use code RUNNING4REAL for 15% off

Garmin Forerunner 235

Ikea Silicon Baking Sheet


The Brave Athlete book

Mindset Manifesto book

Life’s Too Short To Go F*cking Slow book

BodyHealth Perfect Amino here and use coupon code TINA10 for 10% off.

Saucony Vitarun Jacket

Lululemon Enlite Sports Bra

Varidesk Pro Plus Standing Desk

Hello Fresh

Sarah Marie Designs

Stridebox use either of these coupon codes: RunningForReal10 for 10% off of gift subscriptions or RunningForReal5 gives you $5 off of your first box of a regular subscription.

Gone for a Run as they have a lot of cool ideas for personalized race gifts for runners

Run Fast Eat Slow

Running for Real Apparel

Oh Ball  use the code tina15 for 15% off

Oakley Half Jacket  and Goodr Sunglasses

Road ID

Saucony Bullet Shorts and Tights

Flip Belt

Other Resources Mentioned

Last week's interview with Suzy Favor-Hamilton 

Run Angel

Tina's 2017 Gift Guide in full

Thank you to my new running buddy VI and favorite recovery product BodyHealth for sponsoring this episode of Running for Real.