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The Running for Real Podcast

Sep 20, 2019

“Chance favors the prepared mind” is often quoted to be from Louis Pasteur. Pasteur was a chemist and microbiologist who studied and found cures for a handful of diseases, including a vaccine for rabies. The concept that luck or fortune follows the bold, prepared, or active has long been discussed. The truth is, not everyone can be lucky. Only those that do, are rewarded. Even lottery winners have to buy a ticket.

In running we experience the same thing. You simply don’t know how “lucky” you can be unless you get out there and start running. The beautiful thing about running is that there is much more to it than winning races; you have chances to “win” every day that aren’t necessarily podium moments.

As we’ve discussed, wins in running include enjoying nature, discovering new places, developing relationships, and maintaining good mental and physical health. Running is also a time when great business ideas or solutions to long-term problems are discovered. The opportunities for victory while running are endless.

But. If you do happen to be in-the-running for a particular race, that win comes via preparation as well. You don’t know when your moment to shine will come. The weather, your competition, or your overall health and energy fluctuate. The only way you can get lucky is by being prepared.

This idea of preparation followed by chance is the epitome of Nicole DeBoom’s successful career. From Olympic qualifier, to top triathlete, to business owner, Nicole has done what it takes to put herself in a situation to succeed. Like the rest of us, she has had personal weaknesses and could never control her competition, but she put in the work and let the results happen.

Go Through the Open Door

Shortly after the peak of her triathlete career, DeBoom had an idea for a women’s clothing company. She felt that there weren’t many clothing options for professional athletes that were both stylish and up to performance standards. She wanted to look good and feel good while she competed. At the time, tennis skirts, golf skirts, and even swim skirts were available, but nothing for female runners.

As she began to create a new type of running skirt, she quickly discovered that her target market wasn’t exactly what she expected. She had planned to convince other professional female runners to wear the skirt, but there weren’t a ton of them that were interested, and trying to further convince them didn’t help.

However, she found that there was a lot larger range of women that were interested in the running skirts. Many women not only wanted to feel good while wearing stylish clothing, they wanted additional coverage so that they felt comfortable while running as well.

Nicole quickly learned to create clothing for the women with this need, rather than create a need for a specific group of women. When she focused on helping her new customers, her business grew and her opportunities expanded.

You may have many ideas and desires in life that seem like the only path to happiness or success. But if you are willing to take the opportunities that present themselves, rather than fighting to change what you can’t, you’ll find yourself succeeding quickly. This doesn’t mean taking the path of least resistance per se, but seizing the opportunities that are placed before you.

You’ll Love What You’re Good At, So Try It All!

Now Nicole is a mother, with a daughter who will have many opportunities. Nicole is focused on helping her find the things she enjoys and is good at. Giving her chances to try many things, and to not be too antsy in taking away the other things she loves too quickly.

Nicole regrets putting so much time into swimming and neglecting other sports when she found out she could be a great swimmer. She wants her daughter to continue a variety of things, even if she is great at one.

The same should go for you and I. What do you love to do? What are you good at? Chances are they are related. It’s not always certain which comes first, so don’t be afraid to try something you think you may love, or look for ways to enjoy what you are good at.


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