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The Running for Real Podcast

Apr 21, 2023

Chicago Event Management (CEM) produces events including The Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Chicago 13.1, and Shamrock Shuffle that exemplify sustainable road racing.

CEM strives not only to be environmentally responsible, but also to contribute to their community. They present high-profile, big-budget events, but Chief Operating Officer Michael Nishi and Sustainability Manager Cat Morris share suggestions for how smaller events can also practice sustainability.

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Thank you to GotSneakers?, Örlö, and Tracksmith for sponsoring this episode. 


GotSneakers? makes it socially and financially rewarding to contribute to a circular economy with their FREE sneaker recycling program. 

As runners, we go through a lot of shoes, but many of them that we consider “done” still have life for others. In the U.S. alone, at least 200 million pairs of shoes and sneakers wind up in landfills each year, where they can take 30-40 years to decompose. Meanwhile, more than 600 million people worldwide don’t even own a pair of shoes. When you join the GotSneakers? community, you’ll be making a global impact AND you’ll earn money for the shoes that you send them.

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Örlö is the world’s most sustainable algae supplement. Algae is a potent source of EPA and DHA, the omega-3 fatty acids that are essential to life. They help you take care of your brain health, heart health, and immune system, and your body absorbs them three times better than fish oil. They also don’t have that fishy aftertaste! 

Örlö’s algae is grown in pristine water in Iceland using only green energy and they employ a carbon-negative production process. 99% less land and water resources are used, so you get 100% of the benefit with 0% of the guilt!

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Tracksmith is an independent running brand inspired by a deep love of the sport. For years the brand has elevated running wear using best-in-class materials and timeless silhouettes that perform at the highest level and can be worn everyday, not just for running. 

Tracksmith helps the environment by making comfortable, durable clothes that will last for years, rather than winding up in the landfill, but that’s not the only contribution they make. They supported Running for Real in creating our RED-S: Realize. Reflect. Recover program. They help athletes who are trying to make the Olympic trials, and they offer scholarships for creatives to work on their crafts. They also have lots of events - Tina will be hosting events with them at the Boston and London marathons. 

If you’re a new customer, go here and use the code TINANEW at checkout to get $15 off your order of $75 or more. Returning customers can use the code TINAGIVE, and Tracksmith will give you free shipping and donate 5% of your order to TrackGirlz.


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