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The Running for Real Podcast

Apr 14, 2017

Matt Fitzgerald has authored some of the best running books ever written. From mental tactics to race weight, Matt has become the go to trusted source for real advice for runners.

In his latest book, the Endurance Diet, Matt traveled all over the world to find out what the best runners in the world eat, and how all elite runners and endurance athletes actually feature the same five habits.

They eat everything, yes, even fried foods and sweets, but make sure nutritional value is always at the forefront of their minds.

Matt reminds us that elite runners never start over with their diet, but instead make tweaks based on what they experience. He also explains the importance of enjoying what you eat, rather than just eating what is right.

Matt is currently on an 8 marathons in 8 weeks adventure (and as injury prone runner, this is quite the challenge!).

The marathons Matt is running:

If you are struggling with recovery, injuries, sickness, or reaching race weight, it may be time to look at what elite endurance athletes all over the world eat, and tweak your diet to improve your chances.

Today's Guest

Matt Fitzgerald

Best selling author, sports nutritionist, and speaker explains what the best runners in the world eat before running, and why the marathon is so powerful to everyone to learn how to get through struggles.

What You Will Learn About

  • The five habits most elite runners in the world follow in their diets.
  • Why we should eat everything and why cutting out any one food category is a bad idea.
  • How to use Diet Quality Score to assess your diet.
  • How to fuel if you have to get your training in very early in the morning before work (or life!) begins.
  • Why training for and running a marathon will help us to deal with problems in the rest of our lives.
  • Why Matt eats an egg, sausage, and cheese biscuit before his running and races

Inspirational Quotes

Yes, you are allowed to eat everything, and in fact you should eat everything, but your diet should be heavily weighted towards high quality food types.

We are all metabolically unique, no human being processes food in the same way as anyone else.

It’s not just the physiological, it is the psychological. 

You are going to find your diet more sustainable if you like it.

You can't run a marathon without it changing you.

Nothing motivates more than the people you love the most.

I am on a physical journey in search of the magic of the marathon.

You never completely conquer the marathon. It doesn’t matter who you are, some of the greatest names in the history of our sport have been humbled and embarrassed by the marathon.

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