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The Running for Real Podcast

May 26, 2019

What does your resume and your potential have in common?

Answer: Both are an opportunity to rewrite your story.

Our lives are full of ups and downs. What we choose to focus on is the difference. Imagine if you wrote your resume based on embarrassing or unsuccessful moments. You wouldn’t highlight times you tripped while running, wore clothes inside out, or got fired for being late. Thankfully, you get to choose what you put on your resume.

Performance psychologist Jonathan Fader learned at a young age that believing we can’t improve is our biggest impediment. While a young boy in New York, Jonathan’s mother opened a resume writing business. She would welcome people into her home and listen to their life’s stories, often full of self-deprecating and disparaging words.

These were people who chose to focus on the negatives in their life, unable to find the things they had accomplished or learned on the way. Jonathan’s mother taught these people to look at themselves and situations differently, in a more positive light.

On the Running for Real podcast, we look to do the same thing for you. Through our podcast, community, and blogs we hope you find reasons to believe in yourself and to become more than you ever imagined. Today’s episode is no different. Read along or tune in to find ways to be your best self.

Be Your Own Experiment

Jonathan (who usually goes by Fader) recommends that we watch and see what we can become before we think too much about it. Setting limits on what we can accomplish by talking ourselves out of even trying is a sure way to hold us back.

Believe that you can accomplish your goal and then ask yourself, “What would I do if this was simply an experiment?” Then put your experiment to the test. This can relieve the unnecessary pressures of potential failure. All you have to do is try, and then see what the outcomes are. Be curious instead of judgmental.

Your Brain: Your Body’s CEO

Fader compares our body to a company, at the lead, our brain. During your experiments to see what is possible for you to accomplish, you are sure to have competing voices, especially if your experiments are physical.

If your brain is your CEO, then your legs, core, and arms might be compared to sales, marketing or human resources. As the CEO, you are privy to information from each of the departments. You are also in control of what to do with that information.

To compare this analogy directly to running, imagine heavy legs sending signals to your brain, letting you know they are tired. Instead of reacting immediately you can say to yourself, “thank you for that information, I will let you know what we will do about it.” Then you can proceed to run faster or rest. You are in control.

Two Types of Listening

Comparing our body to a company is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness. When we listen to what different parts of our body tell us, take it into consideration, and then choose what to do, we are acting responsibly and governing strategically.

Whether we are listening to our body, or to others, there are two ways to do it. We can either listen to understand or listen to respond. Choosing to listen to understand makes us better communicators and helps us to more fully live in the moment.

Think about a recent argument you were involved in. When your opponent was speaking, were you trying to understand what they were saying and where they were coming from, or were you simply trying to come up with your response to combat their story?

Listen to understand in all of your communications, including those with your body. You will foster a greater love for others, have more natural responses, and get to the root of the problem more quickly.

Focus on What You Can Control

Dr. Fader tells us that there are three things we have control over, our attitude, our preparation, and our effort (APE). When faced with unwanted thoughts, feelings, or challenges, remember that you get to decide how to react. You have the ability to combat negativity through these three tools.

You have the opportunity to experiment on your future. Be curious about that future, and do those things that could make you great.

What tools will you use today to be the best version of yourself?


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