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The Running for Real Podcast

Mar 26, 2021

*Note* This episode was recorded before the mass shooting in Atlanta. At Running For Real, we stand against the racism towards Asian American Pacific Islander communities that has risen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carolyn is Taiwanese-American and grew up in Houston, Texas after her parents immigrated to the US. During much of her childhood she struggled with navigating the different worlds of being Taiwanese and American. She’s now a mother, dietician, runner, and creator of the Instagram page, @diversewerun which features stories of runners who are of different cultures. We also talk deeply about how we can do our part and begin to heal. How we can create a world that is stronger and inclusive not only to skin color, but of cultures, traditions, age, genders, and so much more.

Carolyn shows us that in running and in life we can all be more inclusive to people who are different than us, because that’s the beauty of being human. 

“And so if this virtual space can be even just a place where someone can feel like they're not alone… I want @diversewerun to continue to exist as a safe space for people to feel seen and where they can connect with others who who are like them and hopefully help expand and broaden people's worldview.” — Carolyn Su


In this episode we cover…
  • Growing up navigating two different cultures (Taiwanese and American) and what she experienced as a child going to school and feeling out of place and different. [08:30]
  • The history of the treatment of Asian cultures in the United States. It’s important to understand the history so we can understand what is going on today, and how we heal. [27:30]
  • The importance of normalizing conversations about mental health and the impact on relationships. [1:02:38]
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