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The Running for Real Podcast

Dec 29, 2017

New listeners of the Running for Real podcast can find out the most popular episodes of the year, and get a recap on what has happened since Running for Real launched in mid 2017. I talk about the dramatic changes in direction that my life took from professional runner to choosing to not run a step for three months to pregnant, all within a short period of time.

I then go over your best podcast episodes of the year, including having you, the listeners tell us all which ones you liked through audio clips. Hear other runners within the community share what they loved and why it was so impactful on their running lives.

If you have missed episodes this year, this is a great way to catch up, and find out what you have missed.

Today's Guest

No guest today! Just you and I discussing some of the favorite episodes of the year. I recruited some of you to help me talk about which episodes you loved the most.

Episodes Mentioned

James Dunne 

Cindra Kamphoff 

Bhrett McCabe 

Nicola Rinaldi & Heidi Greenwood 

Amelia Boone 

Evie Serventi

Magda Boulet 

My Husband, Steve Picucci 

Steve Jones

Danny Dreyer 

Nancy Clark

Phil Maffetone

Devon Yanko 

Tom Goom

Kelly Roberts 

Renee McGregor 

Nicole Detling

Sally Bergensen

Suzy Favor Hamilton

Other Resources Mentioned

Last week's interview with Nick Butter

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Tina and Steve's Half Marathon Program

Tina and Steve's Marathon Program

Running for Real Apparel

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